Our Approach

Each one of our projects is distinctive and therefore requires a unique approach. Our visioning process includes the thoughtful integration of design, lifestyle, culture and history to create lasting projects.  Our passion and attention to detail lead to award-winning quality and excellence in craftsmanship, customer service and design.

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Construction Quality

Every step on the path from preconstruction to a finished home is driven by a commitment to quality.  It is our goal to provide the best possible design and detailing for the market.  In 2011, our efforts were recognized and we became the first organization in Hawaii to receive a prestigious National Housing Quality (NHQ) Award, the home building industry’s highest recognition for quality achievement and operational excellence.

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Strategic Planning

Whether it's a commercial or residential project, our strategic planning process is supported by our mission to build communities that embrace the concept of live, work, learn and play.  We are uniquely positioned within the market as developers with years of proven experience, knowledge and relationships and a history of successful developments. We also have a genuine understanding of Hawaii's natural, cultural, and heritage resources, which are incorporated into the design to create great places, and an ability to create great spaces using regional architectural and design talents.

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Good Neighbor

This commitment is seen repeatedly in our generous support of Ewa Beach area schools and organizations. Our history of community stewardship goes back more than a decade, long before the first home in Ocean Pointe was built. Haseko began working with the surrounding community in the early 1990s to create a list of benefits for all of Ewa Beach to enjoy.

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Customer Satisfaction

It is truly our goal to exceed our customers' expectations by combining quality name brand products and skilled craftsmen with thoughtful design and detailing to create lasting homes and value for our customers.  Our Customer Care department closely monitors the feedback from homeowners in terms of construction quality and product performance to ensure overall customer satisfaction.